The goal of any business is to be successful. In the world of today with exponential technological transformations, success can only be guaranteed by highly trained IT staff. Having a highly trained IT staff in any business concern is akin to having an airplane piloted by an experienced pilot. To guarantee that a business concern gets that highly skilled IT staff to pilot its business to the desired success level, requires partnering with a competent and proven IT training company that can be trusted. This is where IPnetON comes in.

IPnetON, is a Cisco Learning Partner with a tested and proven capacity to deliver on quality training of staff, consultancy and other services that meet the needs of companies and institutes in the European IT- Market. We stand out particularly in empowering members of the Human Network to create effective solutions that not only help individual partners, but improve the industry as a whole by driving student skills and developing crucial IT talent. We have the honour of having trained a majority of the most qualified professionals in the German IT work force.

Our state-of-the-art technologies combined with experienced and highly qualified specialists guarantee theoretically and practically balanced training programmes in Networking, Security, VOIP, WLAN, etc that is unequalled. Our flexibility in meeting the specified requirements of our client is our selling point. Our curriculum designs and materials are tailored to transform a beginner with a strong foundation in IT, as well as support professionals to be, at the cutting-edge of innovations

We keep pace with new technologies and match them with appropriate expertise, thus positioning ourselves to assist companies in acquiring the right IT systems for their businesses in order to ensure flexibility and guarantee efficiency. Our Consultancy Department is also there to help with advice on the choice of hardware and software, implementation and service etc, in view of the difficulty in making a good choice from a variety of complex options, due to rapid technological innovations and changes.

The heart of our IT Service delivery Package is to satisfy our customers and give them value for their money.




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